Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD)

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The Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD) is a precinct-based electronic voting machine. Its modular design allows it to be configured for use as a DRE, PCOS, or BMD, covering all existing precinct-based voting scenarios. Additionally, it can innovatively be configured for a fourth multi-functional application scenario, enabling it to simultaneously handle ballot printing and vote tallying, significantly enhancing election efficiency.

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The MPVD features complete voting functionalities, advanced recognition technology, and sophisticated processing algorithms. The device can flexibly adapt to various election scenarios, perfectly catering to the needs of every type of election, truly achieving a multipurpose use with a single machine.

1. MPVD as a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Device

Real-Time Recording: Instantly captures and stores votes for quick tallying.

User-Friendly: Intuitive touch-screen interfaces simplify the voting process.

Paperless Voting: Streamlines the process while reducing environmental impact.

Space-Efficient: Requires less storage space, easing management.

2. MPVD as a Ballot Reader

OMR-Based: Utilizes Optical Mark Recognition technology for ballot processing.
Precision Sorting, Innovative Storage: Prevents ballot fraud, ensuring efficient and secure ballot management.
Transparency: Prints voter receipts as traceable backups.
Rapid Scanning: Quickly processes ballots through optical scanning.
High Accuracy: Combines algorithmic processing with manual verification for enhanced accuracy.

3. MPVD as a Ballot Marking Device

Accessibility: Features voice navigation and button-based voting, enabling easy, independent voting for disabled and illiterate voters.
Reduces Invalid Votes: Allows voters to electronically mark candidates and print results on blank ballots, effectively preventing invalid votes.
Increased Election Efficiency: Eliminates the need for pre-printed ballots, reducing the workload for staff.

4. MPVD as a Multi-Function Device

Integrated Design: Combines ballot marking and scanning in one device, merging the advantages of BMD and PCOS devices while simplifying the voting process.
Efficiency Boost: Uses a single device for ballot creation, printing, and counting, significantly enhancing election efficiency.
Cost and Space Saving: The multi-functionality eliminates the need for multiple devices, saving on costs and storage space.

Device Screen

* 13.3” diagonal large display screen
* Touchscreen
* Privacy Screen
* Tilt adjustable from 0-180° angle
* Resolution:1920 x 1080

Receipt printer

* Automatic-cutting of receipt
* Real-time printing of voter receipt
* Paper width: 3.15 inches
* Paper length: over 50 meters
* Storage life: Receipts shall remain legible for a minimum of six (6) years


* Can detect fake, spurious, and pre-scanned ballots and automatically divert them into the corresponding ballot compartments.
* 200mm/sec. ballot scanning speed.
* 300 dots per inch.ballot scanning resolution.
* Read simultaneously a double-side ballot or a single-side.
* With Multiple-papers detector.
* Up to 700mm long ballots can be scanned.

Ballot box

* Can be configured with four ballot compartments to help manage ballots efficiently, including a Normal Ballots Compartment, a Voter Receipt Compartment, a Questionable Ballots Compartment, and an Emergency Compartment.
* Capacity: 1,000+ pieces of ballots & 1,000+ voter receipts
* Storage: With or without a cover, multiple pieces can be stacked
* Size: 650*1170*885mm

Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD) (2)
Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD) (3)
Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD) (4)

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