Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our technology

Integelec believes that science and technology are the primary productive force. We spare no effort to increase investment in product and technology, continuously promoting the development of election technology. Thanks to our profound technological accumulation, we can provide world-class products of election automation for most countries in the world. Our core technology is mainly reflected in three key aspects: the accuracy of election results, the transparency of election process and the efficiency of election management.

Our innovation

Meeting customers' needs and addressing their main concerns is the innovation impetus of Integelec. With a deep understanding of the election business, we can provide customized technical solutions for customers and roll out reliable technologies and solutions anytime and anywhere to handle with complex needs and challenges.

Team and services

Integelec is also an expert in the field of election services. Our team has decades of professional experience in training, on-site technical support and project implementation. We are committed to providing our customers with the best services to deal with such challenges as election management and implementation in current election automation projects. At present, we specialize in ballot design, localization development, system testing, project implementation, on-site technical support on election day, training, system maintenance, simulated election, etc. In addition, we also provide call center, project management, continuous professional consulting and other services.