SERVICE 1. All-process Technical Support

Pre-election preparation

A training program covering all parts of election is proposed.

Third-party certification

The source code is public for professional teams to dock with.

Testing part

Professional advice is proposed on the testing plan.

Logistics storage

A training program covering all parts of election is proposed.

Election-day services

All-process assistance is provided from when polling stations are deployed and planned until they are closed.

Technical support center

The construction of the technical center is planned and accomplished so as to provide real-time support for key parts including election stations and background data center.

Post-election feedback

The 24-hour call center provides perfect after-sales services, helping customers reflect on the automated election, and professional suggestions.

SERVICE 2. Training Course Design

INTEGELEC customizes the training program for customers through four well-designed courses and perfect training data, and transfers the knowledge needed in each part of the automated election to the audience.

CLASS 1: Polling station operation

Corresponding teaching material: Operation manual

CLASS 2: Assistance with the disabled for voting

Corresponding teaching material: Voting assistance manual

CLASS 3: INTEGELEC support workflow

Corresponding teaching material: INTEGELEC support handbook

CLASS 4: Mock election

Corresponding teaching material: Management handbook

SERVICE 3. Training Methods

In the training, INTEGELEC will use mature teaching methods to help trainee get started easily and quickly.


At the end of each session in the training, a review is set up for the trainees to consolidate and deepen their memory.


Combination of PPT and operation demonstration to help trainees to grasp basic concepts easily.

Practical teaching by Trainers

Arrange practical operation for key sessions of troubleshooting, equipment operation and construction taught by trainers themselves.

Incentive Teaching

The sessions of setting up groups and acceptance test ensure that the trainees can master the necessary skills flexibly in a certain of pressure and sense of acquisition.


The Q&A session ensures that problems and puzzles are solved and every trainee masters the skills.

SERVICE 4. Assistance of Voter Education

INTEGELEC is not only a supplier of automatic election, but also a professional consultant of customers in the election.

Voter education is also an important part of electoral automation. Valid voter education can improve the election efficiency and fully take the advantages of automation equipment. Many years of experience of INTEGELEC in the election industry will provide professional advice for the voter education of customers.

The successful implementation of electoral automation can not be separated from the strong support of voters and society. Building voters' confidence is an important link to obtain their support. INTEGELEC will give professional opinions on transparent process, opening source code and automatic publicity, creating a fair, open and honest election environment with customers.