Station-Based Vote-Counting Equipment- ICE100

Short Description:

ICE100  is used in the case of distributed paper voting, with the user as the center, ensuring high availability, usability, security, and ensuring the transparent and independent voting of each voter, while the workload of counting is greatly reduced.

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Touchable display、receipt printing module、physical buttons、scanning module、Large-capacity ballot box、physical latch、removable wheels

Product Features

1. Voting results by-self confirmation enhances voters’ trust & election transparency.

2. Large-capacity ballot box
The oversized ballot box is customizable to meet the storage needs of different numbers of ballots, which is convenient for overall handling and storage, and can hold more than 2000 A4-sized ballots.

3. High accuracy
The success rate of vote counting is higher than 99.99%. The accuracy of vote counting is ensured by means of image recognition technology and ballot return.

4. Highly customizable
The length of ballot paper and the capacity of ballot box are highly customizable, and so are ballot styles and operation processes.

Station-Based Vote-Counting Equipment- ICE100 (5)
Station-Based Vote-Counting Equipment- ICE100 (4)
Station-Based Vote-Counting Equipment- ICE100 (7)

Key Functions

1.Touchable display
With physical buttons, it gives election officials and voters a better operating experience.

2.Ballot feeding
The automatic ballot feeding and transmission make it easy and fast to finish voting.

3.Ballots instant counting
Using Image recognizing technology to process the already-casted ballot papers in real-time, greatly reducing time-cousuming in counting work. Benefiting from the instant results feedback, the voter’s trust can also consolidated.

4.Ballot return
Non-ballot and irregular ballots can be returned, and voters can even return ballots voluntarily.

5.Receipt printing
Content of the receipt is customizable, covering all the content you want to print. The receipt is automatically cut for voters to get. The receipt paper bin has a larger capacity and the device supports extra-long receipt printing.

6.Secure results tallying
High-level security measures are applied to protect the level-by-level voting results tallying from various net threaten, with great comptabilities with different infrastructure condition.

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