Multi-Function Voting

Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD)

1. Modular Design, Multipurpose Use
In the Multi-Function Precinct Voting Device (MPVD), we have embraced a revolutionary modular design concept. Multipurpose and versatile, it covers DRE, PCOS, and BMD, three major precinct-based application scenarios, meeting diverse needs in different environments. This is not just a device; it's a new voting experience.

2. Anti-Fraud Technology, Assured Security
Employing world-class ballot anti-fraud technology, the MPVD provides solid assurance for the authenticity of every ballot. Within our device, counterfeit ballots have nowhere to hide, ensuring fairness and transparency in every election.

3. Redefining Voting Security Standards
The MPVD introduces a revolutionary feature — automatic stamping of ballots before they are deposited. This unique design serves as an audit trail, helping identify ballots that are deposited without scanning, preventing fraud, and effectively avoiding the risk of double scanning and counting of ballots, redefining the standard of voting security.

4. Precise Ballot Sorting, Efficient Management
Our integrated, multi-compartment design elevates the MPVD to a global top-tier level. The device intelligently identifies and automatically sorts various types of ballots. Even in the event of power outages or equipment malfunctions, the emergency ballot compartment ensures the continuity and smoothness of the voting process. Additionally, a specially designed receipt compartment securely collects voter receipts, further enhancing the efficiency and security of the voting system.