Personalized Solutions

Integelec is committed to providing tailor-made solutions to our clients through OEM/ODM services. Our expert team is capable of designing and manufacturing equipment and software that cater to the specific electoral needs of different countries and regions. Below are some of our successful cases in this field:

Hong Kong Legislative Council Election

Challenge: The Hong Kong Legislative Council Election posed a unique technical challenge with the requirement to process extra-long ballots (over 17 inches in length).

Solution: Our team successfully customized a sorting system within just two months, capable of quickly and accurately handling these extra-long ballots, serving over 5 million voters in Hong Kong successfully.

Outcome: This rapidly customized solution not only met the unique requirements of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Election but also enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the entire election process.

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Community Elections

Challenge: In community elections, there was a need to cover over 5000 polling stations, presenting a significant challenge in equipment production and deployment.

Solution: We completed the design, production, and testing of vote-counting equipment for this specific requirement within three months.

Outcome: Our solution ensured that in the elections at over 5000 polling stations, each station was able to conduct vote counting efficiently and accurately.

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